Tom's Two-up Two-down



Project idea: Send a monkeyCatRobot to friends.

Brief: User can make a cybernetic organism that is 1/3 monkey, 1/3 cat, and 1/3 robot. User can send the cyborg to friends via email and sundry media platforms. User can pull the handle on a one-armed bandit, and instead of random fruit, the bandit returns a monkeyCatRobot. User can swipe to switch the cyborg's different 1/3s to create a custom monkeyCatRobot. User can incorporate lobster, dog, and astroid miner body part 1/3s to build a mutant monkeyCatRobot.

Background: I wanted to make a monkeyCatRobot with SVG. Originally, I envisioned monkeys, cats, and robots, along with lobsters, dogs, and astroid miners in space. The monkeyCatRobot combined their powers to become an unstoppable force to fight space alien robot cowboy dragoons. (I still may do that in another project.) Then I saw Phil Hawksworth's JAMstack example Virtual Lollipop, and I thought, "I should make a one-armed bandit version and enable people to send monkeyCatRobots to friends." Handy if they have an extraterrestrial dragoon problem.

Technologies: JAMstack, SVG, FaaS database