Tom's Two-up Two-down

Mind the cobwebs

The attic stores my old projects. They are a bit dusty as I do not maintain them. Every so often, I sit up here in my pyjamas digging through memories.

SiBot is a Pale Reflection of Life

A project screenshot for SiBot is a Pale Reflection of Life

Project: A synthetic life form inhabits a Simon game to learn about human responses to stimuli.

Brief: User can survive by repeating a series of flashing lights and atonal sounds.

Background: SiBot. BLEEP.

Status: Watching and learning.

Lazy Robot and Humans

A project screenshot for Lazy Robot and Humans

Project: A lazy robot plays noughts and crosses.

Brief: User can play noughts and crosses with a lazy robot. User can play noughts and crosses with a human. Lazy robot can make comments based on the state of play.

Background: Lazy robot watched a movie and realised it could not win. Lazy robot couldn't be bothered to learn noughts and crosses logic. Lazy robot didn't even show up in the <body>. Lazy robot.

Status: X O X.

No Sad Tomatoes

A project screenshot for No Sad Tomatoes

Project: A pomodoro timer that prefers playtime.

Brief: User can start a work timer to manage how long to work before taking a break. When play timer reaches zero, work timer starts again. User can change the work and play minutes. User can pause and reset timer. User can press sad tomato face to activate happy tomato face playtime.

Background: The play timer should have a bigger share of our lives. We only get one tomato! Don't let your tomato run you down. Reset it. A few rays of sunshine can turn sad tomatoes into a happy bunch of tomatoes playing in the sun. Bring colors out of the vegetable garden to make your tomato fresh and lively.

Status: Right ray of sunshine.

Does !Compute for Robots

A project screenshot for Does !Compute for Robots

Project: A calculator that does not compute for robots.

Project: User can press number and operator keys. Calculator returns accurate results to user. Calculator cannot return results to a robot user. Calculator may make comments along with some results.

Background: How do I tempt a user to try my calculator? The user surely has a perfectly good calculator on their electronic device. Perhaps, a story alluding to a robot will work. The logical not in front of compute (!Compute) can form a double entendre: it is beyond a robot's ken, and the calculator will not work for robots. Once the user tries my calculator, I can entice them to stay with cheeky comments based on return values. Return "2" and display "It's the loneliest number since the number one." That'll do it!

Status: Err:Nonreal Ans.

Who Twitches the Twitchers?

A project screenshot for Who Twitches the Twitchers?

Project: A list of channels with online status.

Brief: User can see a list of entertainment channels. User can see which channels are currently streaming. User can click on a channel to go watch the stream. Instead of gamer live streams, user can pick from a selection of's remarkable channels, such as Bob Ross, CONtv, Cosmos, and The Justin Wilson Show.

Background: Chambers defines a twitcher as "a bird-watcher whose aim is to spot as many rare birds as possible." When I began this freeCodeCamp (FCC) project, the word twitcher came to mind. I thought, "I should twitch," as in tweak, "the Twitchers." I'm not much of a gamer, so I decided to look for rare entertainment gems available on Sadly, the FCC Twitch API is no longer working. I memorialized the project here anyway as it makes me smile. Train your binoculars on the project screenshot to catch a glimmer of its former full-feathered glory.

Status: This is an ex-parrot!

Lobsters - A Wikipedia Viewer

A project screenshot for Lobsters - A Wikipedia Viewer

Project: A Wikipedia search bar and results viewer.

Brief: User enters a word or phrase to search on Wikipedia, which returns the first ten results to user. User can click on a result to go to the Wikipedia entry. User can "throw an airplane," which takes user to a random Wikipedia entry.

Background: If you are open to learning, the world is your lobster. My wife doesn't like oysters; she prefers to say "...lobster."

Status: Needs drawn butter.

The Weather is Out There

A project screenshot for The Weather is Out There

Project: A local weather forecast viewer.

Brief: User sees a snapshot of the local weather. User can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. If user does not like the current weather, user can improve the forecast with the "Better weather?" switch.

Background: This project was part of freeCodeCamp's Front End Web Development Certification. There is an issue with the freeCodeCamp weather API provided for the project. I could go back and fix the issue, if(location === shuzenji, jp) // do something, but I see it as a feature. It's fun to randomly know the weather in Shuzenji, Japan. And there's always "Better weather" a click away.

Status: Cold front moving through bringing more seasonable weather.