Tom's Two-up Two-down

What's for tea?

My website is based on the floor plan of an English terraced house, which is called a two-up two-down. The kitchen is about who I am and what I'm cooking at the moment.

I am a software engineer with 17 years of experience leading teams to address customers' needs. After a spell as stay-at-home dad, I pivoted to become an engineer, because I thrive when learning new skills and finding solutions.

I recently completed a 12-week immersive software engineering program at General Assembly's Washington, DC campus. I learned multiple front end and back end technologies, and I applied my new skills to build the applications you can see in my portfolio on the first floor. I'm now ready for an entry-level position. Please contact me via the links below to discuss your software engineering opportunities.

  • Languages: JavaScript, Python, Node.js, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks: React, Express, Django
  • Databases: MongoDB, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, PeeWee
  • Testing: Jest, Enzyme
  • Tools: Storybook, Git, GitHub, Kanban