Tom's Two-up Two-down

Mind the mess

The garden shed is where I tinker on projects. If you have thoughts, contact me at the links below.

Pink Calculator (repo)

Project: A pink calculator built with React.

Brief: Calculate with a pink calculator. You can change the color if you prefer another color. You will calculate better with your favorite color of calculator!

Background: Pink Calculator is a React app that I'm building using function components and hooks. I'm also using React Testing Library.

Technologies: React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jest, React Testing Library

Status: Working on calculator's operations logic.

monkeyCatRobot forYourFriends (repo)

Project: A first-class delivery solution to send a monkeyCatRobot to friends.

Brief: User can make a cybernetic organism that is 1/3 monkey, 1/3 cat, and 1/3 robot. User can send the cyborg to friends via email and sundry media platforms. User can pull the handle on a one-armed bandit, and instead of random fruit, the bandit returns a monkeyCatRobot. User can swipe to switch the cyborg's different 1/3s to create a custom monkeyCatRobot. User can incorporate lobster, dog, and astroid miner body part 1/3s to build a mutant monkeyCatRobot.

Background: I wanted to make a monkeyCatRobot with SVG. Originally, I envisioned monkeys, cats, and robots, along with lobsters, dogs, and astroid miners in space. The monkeyCatRobot combined their powers to become an unstoppable force to fight space alien robot cowboy dragoons. (I still may do that in another project.) Then I saw Phil Hawksworth's JAMstack example Virtual Lollipop, and I thought, "I should make a one-armed bandit version and enable people to send monkeyCatRobots to friends." Handy if they have an extraterrestrial dragoon problem.

Technologies: 11ty, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Status: Bioengineering proposal in committee.

Schnautz Card Game (repo)

Project: A schnautz card game to play online.

Brief: User can play schnautz card game with friends online or with animals that resemble my pets in the game.

Background: My sister-out-law and her boyfriend-my-brother-out-law taught me this card game when they were visiting from England. I thought, "I should try to make this game with JavaScript. My pets could play if a user needs some friends."

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Status: Hold. Poor planning and design decisions led to bloated code, no plan for online card play, and circular dependency issues. But other than that, brilliant. And I learned how to shuffle cards with JavaScript. I need to rethink the design and decide how I will implement online card play with friends. I currently have higher priority projects/ideas, so the project will linger in this dilapidated state.

Workers' Playtime (repo)

Project: A play area to try out code.

Brief: User can move along. Nothing to see here.

Background: I needed a play area to try out code using a JAMstack.

Technologies: 11ty, Nunjucks, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Status: In the factory canteen.

Tom's Website (repo)

A project screenshot for Tom's Website

Project: A personal website that breathes like a house.

Brief: Users can read my blog in the front room. Users can read about me and what I'm currently working on in the kitchen. Users can view projects in my portfolio on the first floor. Users can potter about the projects I'm currently working on in the garden shed. Users can see my projects archive in the attic. Users can contact me via links at the bottom of each page.

Background: We own a terraced house in Cambridge, England. It's a two-up two-down with a kitchen extension, an attic conversion, and a small garden with a shed. We call it the 'Red Door House.' I was thinking about our house when I started JAMstacking my website with a blog, updated projects, and a new theme. My website breathes like a house. Sometimes you feel a draught, but the radiators keep it cozy.

Technologies: 11ty, Nunjucks, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Status: Living.