Tom's Two-up Two-down


Pink Calculator

Project idea: Build a pink calculator with React.

Brief: Calculate with a pink calculator. You can change the color if you prefer another color. You will calculate better with your favorite color of calculator!

Background: Build a Pink Calculator with React using function components and hooks. Test it with Jest and React Testing Library.

Technologies: React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jest, React Testing Library

World's Best Person

Project Idea: Nominate someone as the World's Best Person

Brief: User can nominate someone to be named the World's Best Person. After submitting the nomination, user can send a note to the person they nominated. User can read the other nominations.


Project idea: Send a monkeyCatRobot to friends.

Brief: User can make a cybernetic organism that is 1/3 monkey, 1/3 cat, and 1/3 robot. User can send the cyborg to friends via email and sundry media platforms. User can pull the handle on a one-armed bandit, and instead of random fruit, the bandit returns a monkeyCatRobot. User can swipe to switch the cyborg's different 1/3s to create a custom monkeyCatRobot. User can incorporate lobster, dog, and astroid miner body part 1/3s to build a mutant monkeyCatRobot.